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Monday, 31 October 2011

The story

Dear bloggers,

im naz as u know, and im 15 this year. I got one lil sister thats annoyed me every day and love to make me mad ..! ahaha
and my story today is about how i have found some new friends and fight with him because of some ridiculous
, tiny problems. It started when a new student came to our school and be my friend after a while. We can be label as besties, but i prefer only friends. because our most unpredictable enemy is our own bestfriend. Am i rite? yea ofcourse, it can be proven when u found out that if there's two girls/boys fighting its actually used to be friendly.
After a while, he introduced me to his best friends thats come from sabah but a ''pra'' (mixed blood/gen from another races) thats almost look like a chinese and korean. but actually i kinda amazed get to know with him though.So, i've started to become closed with him and he give me a lot of present.

to be continued.. :D

(im actually feel sleepy, so i better go now. chaow !)

Al-Fatihah to the victim on Petagas

Oww, well as we know that there's an accident occured at Petagas between a train a track of diesel gases ..
Such a tragic accident , an a very mysterious one. Because we cannot predict that an accident such like that will happen after a few mont after the train station is back on the ''game''.. It's been a long time and usually this kind of thing never happen before but this time, it really shock all of the citizen at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Well, thats all i can say . Let just pray for the victim that couldnt survive. Al-Fatihah (-_-)

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Im the animal lover !

i got two cats actually. and i really love both of them ..! i just cant think or imagine what my life would be if they not with me now.. :") i've lost so many people since i was child . I just cant take it anymore if they are gone also.. Gosh,! hope that they will stay longer than my older cat..ahahah..
well, I think thats all for tonite.. hope u like it.. im still not use at this blog yet, so im sory if it not that fun to read..
so , goodnite peeps..!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

im the newbie

hello guys..! im naz.. this is my officially blog.. u can update me by just looking or  sightseeing at my blog yea..? so im 15 this year.. and thats all for now.. anything else will tell u all later.. thnks..! :)